Mathallen Vulkan
Vulkan 5, 0178 Oslo
Piemonte Wine School in Oslo

Two seminars to spread and promote the Piedmontese wine culture in Norway, coordinated by Ken C. Engebretsen

A centre for the spread and promotion of the Piedmontese wine culture in Norway

In autumn 2022 I Vini del Piemonte will organize two appointments with the “Piemonte Wine School” in Oslo.

This ambitious and innovative project, already successfully tested in Denmark since 2017, aims at building a centre for the spread and promotion of the Piedmontese wine culture in Norway.

The 2022 programme includes two tasting seminars of Piedmontese wines at the Mathallen Vulkan, a lively metropolitan market, the beating heart of Oslo’s food and wine culture and home to an important wine club.

The lessons will be organized by Ken C. Engebretsen, founding member of Norsk Sommelier Education, the most important Norwegian school in the hotel and restaurant sector.

Here the words of Ken C. Engebretsen commenting on the first two editions:”the Piedmont Wine School has really aroused a lot of interest: the Norwegian public, in fact, loves Italian wines very much and has an increasing hunger for knowledge. Piedmont, in particular, is appreciated for the best-known designations, such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera, but the Norwegians are really curious to explore and learn about new designations and grape varieties.”

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